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We have well qualified and trained teachers with an engaging personality and teaching style.
Our school teachers have:
Clear objectives for lessons.
Effective discipline skills.
Good classroom management skills.
Good communication with parents.
Knowledge of Curriculum, Standards and Subjects.
Passion for teaching.
Very Loving, Caring, Warm, Affectionate, having a strong bonding with the students.

Other Rooms

Play Area

We have both indoor play equipment for toddlers and outdoor play equipment for all children’s. The outdoor equipment consists of a multiply, multi-activity set-up designed to thrill and provide adventure to all we have basketball, Handball, Football, and a l

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We provide a variety of children sports to create healthy lifestyle for today’s children. Sports grooms many skills like Running, Hopping, Balancing, Throwing, Jumping, Catching.This is the right age for introducing the child’s sport skills. Their movement

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Summer Camp

We conduct summer camp in the month of May/June. The primary purpose of summer camp is educational & cultural development. It allows children to take healthy risks in a safe nurturing environment. In our summer camp we provide dance classes, skating, Art &

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