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We have well qualified and trained teachers with an engaging personality and teaching style.
Our school teachers have:
Clear objectives for lessons.
Effective discipline skills.
Good classroom management skills.
Good communication with parents.
Knowledge of Curriculum, Standards and Subjects.
Passion for teaching.
Very Loving, Caring, Warm, Affectionate, having a strong bonding with the students.

Other Rooms

Art and Craft

We provide a medium for children expression. A trained art teacher supported by well sourced and quality supplies ensures that there are no bounds to the child’s creativity

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Play Area

We have both indoor play equipment for toddlers and outdoor play equipment for all children’s. The outdoor equipment consists of a multiply, multi-activity set-up designed to thrill and provide adventure to all we have basketball, Handball, Football, and a l

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Summer Camp

We conduct summer camp in the month of May/June. The primary purpose of summer camp is educational & cultural development. It allows children to take healthy risks in a safe nurturing environment. In our summer camp we provide dance classes, skating, Art &

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