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We provide a variety of children sports to create healthy lifestyle for today’s children. Sports grooms many skills like Running, Hopping, Balancing, Throwing, Jumping, Catching.This is the right age for introducing the child’s sport skills. Their movement skills are well tuned. They are well coordinated now. They have a good mastery over their body and their loco-motor and non-loco motor skills are good enough for them to do a lot of new skills and new movement sequences. Children who cannot do the various skills properly should be provided additional learning and practice opportunities to improve.

Fourth grade students are willing to experiment and explore. They should be encouraged to do so. Practice opportunities should be provided to the children with sufficient time to develop the proper form for manipulative skills, such as rolling, throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking and striking. At this age most of the skills can be executed in the proper manner. So, they can play sports.

Other Rooms

Audio-visual Room

To supplement the theoretical teaching in the class room. We have an audio visual room where student learn better by seeing & hearing with the help of video presentation related to S.S, Science, language, Mathematics development & other value based pro

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GYANDAN GLOBAL SCHOOL has a well-equipped library with a lot of titles on a variety of subjects such as literature, social sciences, humanities, business, science and technology etc. the Reading room provides access to latest periodicals, journals and magazine

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Play Area

We have both indoor play equipment for toddlers and outdoor play equipment for all children’s. The outdoor equipment consists of a multiply, multi-activity set-up designed to thrill and provide adventure to all we have basketball, Handball, Football, and a l

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