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Arun yadav
Music and Art provide our little learners with the chance to develop multi-sensory skills. GYANDAN classes nurture creativity in activities such as making and playing shoebox guitars, sing-along’s, play with rhythm sticks and other musical instruments, exploring finger paints, markers, clay and more. This program is invaluable for fostering the creative learning that our children deserve.
Garud Choudhary
As a first time pre-school parent I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I discovered was a wonderful environment filled with a caring and loving staff. The opportunity to help out in the class also provided insight to what the kids were doing on a daily basis and really helped me feel connected to both the school and my little student.
Mr. Vyas
The early program at GYANDAN is wonderful. Our daughter is in the program and she loves it. We are amazed with how much she has learned so far this year. The program really prepares children socially and academically for kindergarten.

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